Academic Opportunities

If you have watched the news, own a business or have a career in hiring you know the crisis that we are facing as consumers and employers.

I have read many articles and personally experienced the difficulty in hiring skilled employees. How do we solve this epidemic?

Our educational system must allow for opportunities for ALL students.  Are we doing all we can to foster interest in our students, females and males, and give them the options to make the best choice for themselves? Our district should provide opportunities for all types of learning. As an educational system we must partner with the workforce to provide a variety of learning opportunities for our students that will be relevant when they graduate. We need to foster trades, health care, business, and STEM careers.

I believe we should not stop at providing the opportunities, but work with the students to best help them see the choices they have for careers, how much they can expect to make, and will they earn enough to pay off their anticipated college loans. A well informed student becomes a successful adult. There are many paths to become successful. It's up to our students to decide what path they take.