Safe Learning Environment

Safe learning environments include:

  • Securing buildings and grounds
  • Respecting each other’s differences
  • Addressing mental health
  • Working with local legislators

What is the one thing that is on all of our minds on a daily basis while our kids or grand-kids head off to school? Correct, school safety. We live in an unprecedented time of school violence.

We need to ask ourselves, have we done everything possibly to keep the students and staff safe within our community. Let’s show our students and staff that their safety is the utmost important factor for us along with learning. We know learning does not take place if students and staff are worried about their safety.

Yes, it's disturbing to think about the consequences of not having a well executed plan in place to the degree we need. Let's make sure the staff and students have the tools they need to optimize their safety while they are in our schools. Let’s lead the nation in school safety.